On-demand copilot

The agency Bleu de Prusse was created to make your innovation projects a reality. A routine.

As per our own experience as corporate director: our daily pace is so intense that our critical, complex projects sometimes do not get receive our continued attention. Yet, our team needs guidance. Management requires regular reporting.

Need a senior team member to move from concept to actual implementation of a new service or product? We join your teams for a few weeks, catalyzing energies and addressing bottlenecks.

Talk less, deliver more value

We chose to focus on three core areas where we are confident that we’ll have a positive impact.

Market intelligence (benchmarks and business cases; internal data reviews; pre-procurement audits of innovation-related submissions),

Meta-project management (coordination of complex projects, training of mid-level managers and champions),

Change management (implementing best-practice routines, especially in multi-cultural environments; workforce planning).

We primarily support knowledge-intensive companies or teams, such as professional services.

Embed and empower

Technology is important. But any innovation project involves, at some point, the human factor. Your best assets are right around: your team, your leadership, your clients, your business partners.

When you work with Bleu de Prusse, our mutually agreed objectives always include KPIs related to your target group. We measure success by the reach of the initiatives, their scalability and their sustainability.

Our engagement mindset
Keeping it straightforward

We favour platform-based collaboration and exchange – either your systems, or ours. Goodbye, confusing email threads.

We handle multifaceted innovation projects in a variety of backgrounds. Our exposure is a plus for you: it helps us stay relevant and creative.

Oh, and we talk about money, too. In both directions: we adjust our fees according to your market segment; we also push for success bonus when we deliver exceptional value.

If you (really) insist, we’d work with you on an hourly/daily fee basis or a retainer. However, we hope to convince you that project-based fees or ROI-based fees are our mutual interest.

20 years in 4 bullet points


What’s in Bleu de Prusse for you?

  • On-demand premium strategic and project management experience, with startups and within-heavy organisations;
  • Obsession for qualitative and sustainable solutions;
  • Combined experience as senior leader in Innovation, Business Development and Digital Marketing;
  • Trained in service design and facilitation.